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Who am I

HI ,


My name is Marc Vandercasteelen .


I am a professional photographer living in Belgium . I am a photographer by education , not as a profession anymore.


I shoot mainly as a hobby and my preference is black-and-white nude photography . 


I am always searching for new motivated models with interesting faces . 


If you are interested in working with me afther seeing my work , just let me know and maybe we can work together one day .


Keep in mind that I only do a limited number of photoshoots a year and that I cannot respond to everyone's request .


I don't want to become a slave to my hobby ! It should stay fun .






You Love My Work ? So what are you waiting for ? Contact me !


Let’s Make Something Great Together !



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The color of the pictures can vary depending on your screen !

All pictures are photoshopped in one way or the other .